If you are planning to bring your Thai fiancée to the United States and intend to get married, you may want to petition for the K1 visa or US Fiancée Visa that allows her to come to the US and marry you. This type of visa provides the Thai fiancée to a 90-day duration wherein you have to decide to get married within the given time, thus enabling you Thai partner to file for adjustment of her status to stay permanently in the US.

US Fiancée Visa

US Fiancée Visa

The US Fiancée Visa has the shortest processing time among all the US immigrant visa types which usually takes a year or more to complete. Also, the children of the Thai fiancée can also be included as subsidiary to the K2 visa. The petitioner should be an American national naturally or by birth, he also has to be financially capable to provide proper accommodation and support the expenses of the Thai fiancée’s stay in the US.

The Thai partner on the other hand, should be in perfect health and must have a clean criminal record. Both the visa applicant and US petitioner should be single and free to marry, and should have met each other personally at least once. Proof of their genuine and existing relationship should be provided, including photos taken together, email exchanges and phone records.

All the required documents are to be collected from both parties and an I-129F petition can be prepared for the USCIS. The said petition will then be submitted to the proper USCIS application center which can be determined based on the petitioner’s residence in the United States. USCIS processes the petition for a period of 4-5 months and once approved will notify the National Visa Center. In turn, the National Visa Center will evaluate and notify the US Embassy in Bangkok regarding the approved petition wherein the applicant will be notified about the details of the documents to be submitted and the schedule of interview. The process would take approximately 6-8 months.

The required documents include proof of genuine relationship, medical checkup results and police clearance certificate. The visa applicant then submits the visa application form and attends the visa interview with all documents on hand. The US Fiancée Visa will be issued in the next few days or as advised by the visa officer and will be sent by post or picked up as provided on the visa application. Speak to an attorney about the K2 visa for any minor children.