If you need information about the US Visa for Thai-American couples. Then is is it. Evidently, our world nowadays is getting smaller. In the past years, we all saw the increase in numbers of intermarriages among American and Thai citizens. Many US nationals chose to bring their Thai fiancée or wives to the United States. And in most of the cases, the Thai fiancée or wife have children of their own whom they also would want to bring to the United States. Speak to a lawyer in Bangkok for assistance.

US Visa for Thai-American couples

US Visa for Thai-American couplesThere are various available options for a US citizen and their Thai spouse or fiancée who wants to bring with them their Thai children, and that is through a derivative visa. The Thai children should be unmarried and under 21 years old, and for those over 21 years old may still be considered as “children” as long as the petition was filed before they reached 21.

US K-1 Visa (derivative US K-2)

– A Thai fiancée of an American citizen enters the United States using a US K-1 visa, and only US citizens may apply for a US K-1 visa.  Children of the Thai-American couple in turn enter the United States on a derivative US K-2 visa. This type of visa permits the Thai children to follow their parents to the United States within six month from the date the visa was issued.

US K-3Visa (derivative US K-4)

– The Thai wife on an American national enters the United States using a US K-3 Visa, with the derivative US K-4 non-immigrant visa status provided for their Thai children. The US K-3 visa was the product of a prolonged wait for the issuance of the Immediate Relative Marriage Visa, allowing the married couple to access entry to the United States while waiting for their permanent residency status to be issued. This type of visa is the fastest way to get your Thai wife to the United States. The US K-4 visa is applied for after the Thai-American couple is married. The US visa for Thai-American couples should be understood by now.

US IR-1 / CR-1 Visa (derivative US IR-2 / CR-2)

– A Thai wife undergoing the process for the US IR-1/CR-1 visa may also bring their Thai children to the United States on a derivative visa US IR-2 or CR-2. The Thai children would also be considered as conditional permanent residents for a couple of years. The US CR-1 visa grants the holder a conditional permanent status to the Thai wife with the condition that the marriage should last for two years. The US IR-1 visa is also quite similar to the US CR-1 visa, only that the permanent residency status is not conditional. The Thai wife can already reside and seek employment in the United States from the time he is permitted to enter the country. To be eligible for these types of visa, the Thai wife and American citizen should have been married for at least two years or more before the filing of application.

If your are looking at the US Visa for Thai-American couples then you will need to speak to an immigration lawyer in Thailand for assistance either in Bangkok or in Pattaya.