Learn here about your condo purchase. Thinking about buying a condo in Bangkok? Be cautious! If you’re planning to take the plunge into condo ownership in Bangkok, here are some tips that could make your journey smoother. While some condo units come furnished with basics like furniture, you’ll likely need to stock up on kitchenware, appliances, bedding, and bathroom essentials.

Condo Purchase

First off, if you’re not a Thai citizen, you need to know that buying a condo as a non-Thai is a bit trickier. You can only own up to 49% of the units in a building, with the rest owned by Thais. One way around this is setting up a company, with your Thai spouse as the owner, to buy the property.

Buying early in a condo project, before it’s built, can save you money. If you’re thinking of investing, look for units with unique features that could boost their value in the future. See more on buying a condo in Thailand on our sister website.

Before you seal the deal, make sure to budget for maintenance fees. They can vary widely between properties, covering things like painting and repairs. And always do your due diligence – buying a condo in Bangkok can be risky business! Likewise also see the property lawyers in Thailand article I have added on here.