This type of visa being the US K-2 Visa Requirements is applicable for those children out of wedlock from the US sponsor, or any other children from previous marriage or relationship. As long as the applicant is being sponsored a fiancée visa, he/ she may include his/ her dependent or unmarried child or children under 21 years old in this application.

US K-2 Visa Requirements

Below are the basic requirements in filing for a child (K2) of a K1 visa applciant:

  • Form DS-160 (online) with recent photo
  • Form I-134, Affidavit of Support and Sponsor documents
  • Valid Passport
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Medical Examination
  • Other relevant documents which may vary depending on each case

The US Embassy or Consulate assigned to process the K-1 Fiancée visa will most likely be requiring all K-2 children over the age of 14 to show up at the consular interview together with their parent. This interview may also require the children to answer questions to assist in verifying the relationship between the fiancée and the US national. Honesty is required during these interviews, and answering with a simple “I don’t know “would be much preferred rather than making up an answer – which would greatly affect your visa application and future adjustments of your visa status as well as the US K-2 Visa requirements.

US K-2 Visa RequirementsGreen card and visa processing time are indefinite, and mostly may vary depending on the caseload of the center assigned to process your visa petition. However, the average processing time for the Form I-129F may take about six to eight months.

The process to be able to obtain permanent residency under the K Fiancée visa is quite simple. Marrying an American citizen would automatically make you an immediate relative of that person, together with all the benefits of being such. The US K Visas are different from other family-based visas which require the applicant to wait for a specific priority date before he or she can file for adjustment of status.

The USCIS issued a statement that all immigrant visas available for immediate relatives of US nationals are always available immediately. This means that as long as the US-foreign couple is married within 90 days from arriving to the United States, an immigrant visa number will be readily available without having to wait for a priority date. Note the US K-2 Visa requirements for this visa.

To apply, you need to file an I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, which usually takes around six months to process without the possibility for premium processing. You also need to lodge an application for you and each of your K-2 children. Once the I-485 application is approved, you and your K-2 children will then be legal permanent residents of the United States and your marriage-based green cards will be mailed to you in the following six months. These are the basic for the US K-2 Visa requirements which you will need to know.