The UK Tourist Visa for Thai national is commonly referred to as the UK holiday visa. This type of visa allows a Thai citizen to travel to the UK on a holiday and experience the culture differences, meet your family and friends, or make sure that your Thai partner will be comfortable in the UK prior to sealing your marriage considerations.

UK Tourist Visa for ThaiUK Tourist Visa for Thai

Do not use this visa as a UK visa for your Thai girlfriend as this would become a problem very fast. The UK Tourist Visa allows the Thai citizen to enter the UK as a tourist for the given length of the visa. The visa applicant should be sponsored by a UK citizen or permanent resident, and that person should state that he or she will be responsible for the costs of the whole trip including accommodation in the UK.

The UK Tourist Visa is somewhat likened to a test to make sure that you and your Thai partner can suitably live in your home country, considering that there are various differences, and is a totally different experience compared to you having a holiday in Thailand. The UK Tourist Visa for Thais is not designed to allow you to live in the UK with your Thai partner.

The UK Tourist Visa is available as a 6 month, 1 year, 2 year and 5 year validity but you need to be aware that you can only spend 6 months period in any one year in the UK. Meaning, if you have been awarded a 6 months holiday for your Thai partner in the UK, your Thai partner must spend few weeks or months back in Thailand before she can reapply for another visa. Having one visa does not mean that you will get another. It will be fairly evaluated on your circumstance.

Also, if travelling in the UK as self-sponsored one, different documents shall be required which would be mainly based on your financial capability and ability to return to your home country.

Common reasons for visa application denial:

Missing documents. Every visa application is different from the other; you do not need to listen when someone tells you that you do not need a certain document. They may not have needed that document but you might need it in your case. It is based on your situation. Providing more documents will not harm an application as long as you find it as beneficial, then it should be worth providing such document.

Not filling up the correct form properly. It is necessary that you are using the correct application form for your situation. Re-read the form a couple of times and make sure the answers are consistent. Any vague details may lead to further assessment and you will be questioned on any inconsistent information provided.

Misleading information. All information provided should be honest. Any deception in your application would result to rejection or even banned from reapplying for up to 10 years.

Presentation. A cover letter should be written explaining your application, with all the documents in logical order. Handing documents in random order may result for them to miss something and reject your visa application.

Insufficient funds. If you have plans to spend time in an expensive city like London, you will need much more money than just staying with friends in smaller towns. Enough finance for your intended stay is a big factor.

Insufficient proof of relationship with the sponsor. If a sponsor is paying for your UK trip, you need to show proof of genuine relationship such as photographs of you together, email exchanges and phone records are some evidence that can be provided.