The US Tourist Visa, or the B1 and B2 Visa in Thailand, are the types of visa intended to those who plans to travel to the United States or short-term business trips or for pleasure and medical purposes. Speak to a lawyer in Thailand for immigration assistance in this regard.

B2 Visa in Thailand

B2 Visa in ThailandMany Thais are applying for the US Tourist Visa, and the US Embassy in Bangkok requires applicants to provide a significant amount of paperwork and Thai applicants are subjected to a thorough evaluation. Always take advice from an attorney at a Bangkok law firm for more information and assistance. 

B1 Visa Thailand

The US B1 short-term business Visitor visas are for those who are travelling to the US for the intent of having business which will only take a short period of time. This type of visa is appropriate for Thais who must consult their business associates in the US, or attend any sort of scientific, educational, professional and other business conventions.

B2 Visa Thailand

The US B2 pleasure, tourism and medical visitor visas are for persons who are travelling to the US for leisure or any sort of medical treatment. This type of visa is suitable for Thais who wish to visit their family or friends or wander around the many sightseeing attractions in the US. Always speak to a lawyer in Thailand.

The US B1 and B2 types of visas have been becoming quite difficult for foreign nationals to obtain. The US Embassy has been carefully evaluating all applicants prior to visa approval, allowing Thais to request entrance to the US at an official port of entry. Thai applicants should exceed the presumption of US Immigration policy regarding B1 and B2 applicants as people who wishes to stay longer than the allowable duration in the US. The purpose of acquiring the visa must be validated by supporting documents, including sufficient funds to cover the cost of the whole trip.

The applicant should also show proof of strong ties to Thailand which states that he or she will be coming back after the allowable duration of stay in the US. Thais that need a B2 visa for medical treatment in the US must submit thorough paperwork including details from local physicians, reasons for treatment in the US and a letter from the hospital in the US who will be providing the treatment. The applicant should also make sure that he or she has sufficient funds to cover the costs of the whole medical treatment.