The Thai Divorce Agreement is a written contract entered into by divorcing couples who wants to settle their concerns regarding marital property or child custody prior to being granted the divorce. In most countries it is known as the settlement agreement.

Thai Divorce Agreements

Thai Divorce Agreements

Aside from settling the concerns regarding the sharing of child custody and marital property, this agreement may also state provisions regarding spousal support or alimony, and most especially child support.

The Divorce Agreement in Thailand is considered as a material representation of the couple’s arrangement or agreement regarding the rights and privileges that each of them will enjoy right after being granted a divorce. This agreement provides for the arrangements for sharing of child custody and marital property, and may also provide for the amount of alimony as well as child support that shall be implemented after the divorce.

The Divorce Agreement in Thailand is signed by both parties with two witnesses, and is registered with the local district office, which ascends this type of document as a public instrument and becomes a piece of proof for both parties after the divorce. This document can be brought to court for enforcement in case any of the terms stated has been violated by one or both parties. This agreement binds not only the divorcing couple but the executors, administrators and heirs as well.

Lastly, having a document to represent the agreement materially is very necessary. The Thailand Divorce Agreement will become a very valuable piece of evidence which can be used if any of the terms is violated by the spouses. The court would prioritize the provisions in the agreement as upholding the motive and pact of the couple involved. Always take proper legal advice from a law firm in Thailand.