Your Thai girlfriend might want to get an Australian Tourist Visa in Thailand. Most Australian men who visit Thailand regularly find themselves coming back because they have met a Thai girl during the first few visits in the Kingdom. Many are also very excited to introduce their Thai partners to the beauty of their home country. Do not take your Thai fiancee back to Australia on an Australian Tourist visa but on a proper Australian fiancee visa from Thailand.

Australian Tourist Visa in Thailand

Australian Tourist Visa in ThailandAmple time is required when applying for a visa. The correct visa to obtain considering the above mentioned scenarios is the Australian Tourist Visa in Thailand or the subclass 600 Visitor visa. The more detailed the information provided the better chances of having the visa application approved. Make sure that you will be able to provide multiple evidence of the authenticity of your relationship, including other relevant documents. The most important document that needs supporting evidence are that regarding the financial capability of the visa applicant.

They need to prove that they are really tourists and that they intend to return to Thailand after their holiday in Australia. If you are sponsoring your Thai girlfriend’s visa, you will be required to provide proof of financial capability such as bank statements, to show that you are capable of supporting her throughout her whole trip.

The Australian Tourist Visa Subclass 600 is a type of visa that allows the holder to stay in Australia for leisure and recreational purposes, and has a validity of either 3, 6 or 12 months. Most likely, the first tourist visa to be granted will be valid for only 3 months, and must be used within the 3 months of issue when approved. The visa validity starts when your Thai girlfriend arrives in the country.

Here are tips on how to apply for the Australian Tourist Visa Subclass 600:

  • Complete the visa application form
  • Applicant should have a valid passport
  • Prepare passport-sized photo
  • Prepare the fees for the visa application
  • When applying for the Australian Tourist Visa, your girlfriend will be asked to provide her biometrics. This will be completed during the time of the application, involves taking of photos and fingerprints

Processing time for the Australian Tourist Visa in Thailand application may be accomplished within 15 working days or even earlier, and it is highly recommended to consider a minimum of 4 weeks for the whole process from the date of submission.