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If you are looking for attorneys in Thailand then look at GAM Legal Alliance where you can find assistance from expatriate and Thai attorneys. Family law in Thailand is complicated when it comes to foreigners as child custody, paternity rights and child alimony becomes a major issue. Always take legal advice on these issues. You can look at the family law articles on family  law on this website. See also the section on Thai property law when considering buying property ion Thailand.

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You can also apply for an Australian visa form Thailand or a visitors visa for the UK from Thailand. You can find those two articles on this website as well. It is important to note that tourist visas are one of the most denied visas in Thailand. The IR1 visa from Thailand as well as the K2 visa from Thailand for children do not have those visa denial rates. Send an email if you have any further questions. Now you know where to find a reputable law firm. Send the email now!

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